Deoxyglucose and chaperone induction

Ian A. York iayork at
Wed Aug 30 14:59:23 EST 2000

I hypothesized that an effect on cells was caused by upregulation of ER
chaperones.  Deprivation of glucose and treatment with deoxyglucose (both
of which upregulate ER chaperones) caused the effect; but treatement with
DTT, which induces the chaperones to a similar extent, does not cause the

I see three possibilities:  (1)  I'm on the wrong track completely.
(2)  The glucose deprivation/deoxyglucose effect is direct (as, for
example, through an effect on glycosylation), rather than via chaperone
(3)  Glucose deprivation and unfolded proteins induce a slightly
different, though overlapping, responses.

I'm trying to sort out these possibilities, concentrating on (2) and (3),
but I'm having a hard time finding anything useful on the deoxyglucose;
while people have used it to induce the unfolded protein response, there
doesn't seem to have been anything showing how it works, and whether the
responses are in fact the same.

On the other hand, there's a lot of literature out there that includes the
various keywords, and I'm not kidding myself that I've exhausted it all.

Anyone familiar with this stuff?  Pointers appreciated.

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