RT activity of hot start Taq

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>My question is, has anyone observed or heard
>of RT effect of Taq polymerases?????

Well documented a few years ago. Try a Pubmed search for Jones, M.
Basically most Thermus polymerases have RT activity. The level varies
according to which strain you pick. TthHB8 is good along with TetZ (not
seen that sold for a while though). Taq is quite poor and Tfl is
reported to have none. However from some work we did in house I would
not trust the validity of Tfl AT62 in culture collections.

You will also find that the RT activity is best in Mn and not Mg
containing buffers. Thermus pols also have RNaseH activity (a Roche
paper in NAR some time ago). 

Finally when I say Tth is good, it is still quite bad compared to a bona
fide RT like AMV or MMuLV. 

The problem with being on the cutting edge is that you occasionally get 
sliced from time to time....

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