Truncated cDNA?

Mathieu Ingouff mathieu.ingouff at
Thu Aug 31 04:22:11 EST 2000


I am amplifying my gene by PCR using cDNAs.
I do the RT with a d17-Adapter and then amplify with one specific primer
and the adapter primer.
And i get a single band that would correspond to a truncated amplified
cDNA. The expected size if 3 kb and i get a 2kb band.
I tried again using DNA prepared from a cDNA library (RT was done with a
d17 primer)
Same result.

Actually i don't know if it is truncated but my gene belong to a highly
conserved family and this protein would miss one conserved domain but
well i cannot get it......

DO you have any idea how i can really be sure that i have the full
I believed that if the d17 would bind in several places i would see
several bands but i don't.

Thank you for your help


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