scFv antibody panning

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The idea of phage disaply of antibodies is that you can diversify the
initial immunoglobulin gene repertoire included in the library (by
recombination, random mutations, etc.) and by expressing these potentially
functional fragments on phage, antibodies to any specificity (in theory) can
be isolated very quickly through panning. To produce soluble antibody
fragments, depending on the vector you use, the enriched population of phage
expressing the antibody fragment you want can be used to infect bacteria for
soluble antibody production. The gene from the phage can also be subcloned
into other vector systems for whole IgG expression in mammalian systems. To
concentrate on fragments, I would recommend you to look at the product
inserts of a commercially available system for doing this kind of thing: the
Recombinant Phage Antibody System from Pharmacia (no affiliation).

If you are interested into this area of phage antibodies, you should have a
look at papers from Dr Greg Winter from Cambridge, UK. He did a lot of
pioneering work in this area, especially on making human antibody fragments
from phage display systems.


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