scFv antibody panning

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If it is any help, I make scFv's and Fab's by amplifying the Vh, Ch, Vl and
Cl chains individually and linking them as required by PCR. It's really
simple to design overlapping primers. Both scFv and Fab's can be used for
antibody applications



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> Hello,
> A paper I will be presenting for a seminar course describes the in vitro
> selection of specific scFv libraries that target an antigen of interest.
>  This is done, as I understand it, by panning the scFv fragments bound
> to phage against immobilized antigen.  However, how much use are the
> resulting specific scFv fragments alone for antibody applications?  Are
> these scFv genes typically used to create entire antibody fragments?  If
> so, how is this done?
> Thanks,
> Josh.
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