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Deanne Bell dbell at qnis.net
Thu Dec 7 12:41:32 EST 2000

 From: "Patrick Lynch" <pl229 at medschl.cam.ac.uk>

> I'm looking for ways to quantify accurately dilute solutions of DNA
> (<10ng/ul).  I know about Clontech's Quicksticks but these are very
> expensive and slightly subjective.
> Thanks,
> Patrick
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I have tried the dipsticks, the Hoefer DyNAQuant, A260/A280, none of which
are very reliable / consistently accurate.  I have finally settled on
running a gel with a ladder molecular mass standards designed for
quantification of DNA.
Is there a reason you are working with such dilute samples?
There are supposed to be florescent dyes that are highly sensitive and can
be used for quantitation. Check out "Molecular Probes, Inc" (no

Hope this helps
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