Best way to study genome-wide gene expression?

Melanie Chang Melanie_Chang2000 at
Sun Dec 10 13:13:34 EST 2000


I have recently relocated to a new company in the Bay Area and my boss wants
me to look into setting up a genome-wide gene expression profiling platform.
The problem - we are working on human parasites, and none of their genomes
have been sequenced so far or will be in the near future. Gene
chips/microarrays are therefore out of question for the time being.

What other technologies are out there that I should take a closer look at? I
have heard of LEAD, SAGE and TOGA (as done by DGT)? How solid do they
perform and are they licensable? Are there better ways?

I really appreciate your generous help!


Melanie Chang, Ph.D.

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