Taqman 'VIC' dye proper compound name.

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>If someone has a good list of the most used dyes, compound names and
>absorbance emissions wavelenghts I would love a copy.

Dye             Excitation      Emission

Fluorescein     494             525
6-FAM           492             515
TET             521             536
JOE             527             548
HEX             535             556
TAMRA           555             580
Cy3             552             565
ROX             568             595
6-ROX           575             602
Texas Red       583             603
Rhodamine 6G    518             543

Sybr Green I    495             520
Sybr Gold       300/495         537

I've pulled these from a Eurogentec Spring handout so I hope they are
right! Sybr from Mol. Probes

Details on the ABI Taqman website are a bit misleading in that the 7700
has a 488 laser plus a secondary excitation line taken off that (prism?)
for the higher excitation dyes i.e. JOE

Their ROX passive reference is a FRET oligo so don't be misled by their
excitation at 488 and emission at around 600.

The problem with being on the cutting edge is that you occasionally get 
sliced from time to time....

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