Aedin Culhane Aedin.Culhane at
Wed Dec 13 08:17:42 EST 2000

Why not try a plasmid drawing tool such as pDRAW32 or if you want it
coloured with clickable labels, try the shareware (free to students) program
plasmid toolkit. Just draw a linear map and your exons/introns can be
recentanglur boxes in the map.
Let me know if you need more details about these.

ELIZABETH A SARIA wrote in message ...
>Does anyone know of some software (preferable MAC, but PC OK) that can draw
>proportionally sized rectangles and lines?  I am trying to draw the exons
>introns of a gene in that format with appropriate relative sizes.  I'd also
>like to be able to label the base pair number at exon/intron boundaries.
>thanks, Elizabeth Saria

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