[FUN] Dumbest lab experience?

Bonehammer g5003408 at uts.univ.trieste.it
Thu Dec 14 08:50:56 EST 2000

I know this is supposed to be a serious NG, but I just collected enough
funny stories to make a posting out of them.
Electrophoresis experience # 1: we come to the lab and see this guy
doing a silver stain, whining that he doesn't see any band. The yellow
gasket was still around the glass plate. I still don't understand why
he did not pull it off at least to do the silver staining. BTW he was
using dextran blue as a dye for the loading buffer so that would have
remained in the wells anyway and this was not a clue.
Electrophoresis experience # 2: this is similar to the first. Another
guy who had been in the lab for not a long time needed to load a large
number of samples in the gel, but the larger "pouring cell" was busy.
So he just takes the smaller one and turns it so that it would be
perpendicular, not parallel to the tank, and makes a small device with
some bulldog clips to hold still the comb while the gel sets. He was
doing a neat job for a rookie and I wanted to congratulate with him. I
go to the "electrophoresis den" and he's loading the samples, with the
cell in the tank and the gel in the cell. The vertical walls of the
cell would have prevented any current from circulating in the agarose.
He was hilarious when I made him notice the thing.
Centrifuge: have you ever thought what happens when you start a Beckman
centrifuge at 12000 rpm with the rotor screw cap loose? Now, thanks to
a girl who luckily doesn't work here anymore, we know that. Looks like
Thor had hammered the inside of the poor thing, and the lid of the
centrifuge was barely holding its own.
Reagents: another girl, probably the best brain we ever had in our lab,
came to us one day asking where do we stock "the 70% ethanol solution".
Sometimes even the good Homerus falls asleep, they say.
Now, you'll say, and what about ME and my large mouth? Well, I never
did anything memorable, but I'm feared for my habit of placing my
samples in one block of the thermal cycler and starting the program on
the other. Seems I can't help it...
Any more contributions?

"No se Pol"
Coffee Genetist from Viva La' e Po' Bon City

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