Immunohistochemistry problem

Dima Klenchin klenchin at
Thu Dec 14 17:58:11 EST 2000

Wolfgang.Schechinger at wrote:
:Will anti-mouse IgG recognize IgM from mouse or will it only detect 
:mouse IgG? 

I was always under impression that if it's a good anti-IgG, 
then it should not recognize IgM. For example, even though
there must be significant amounts of IgM in initial rabbit 
antiserum bleeds, flow through after Protein A (containing 
IgM and depleted of IgG) does not really work in Westerns
with secondary Ab raised against rabbit IgG. 

If I am remembering it correctly, the IgG and IgM are made
from different building blocks, so this result does not surprise me. 

Would be nice to get the answer from someone who knows
for sure.

        - Dima

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