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Oh, well. I read the answers. It's nice to see some things happen even
in the best families...
I got one more about the 70% ethanol girl: one day we were making a 5M
NaCl solution and the only one at hand was an enormous can with about a
2 kg rock-hard block of salt in it. The policy in our lab is "pouring".
No one is allowed to go with a spatula in a can of anything, under
menace of death. So I was shaking this thing since an hour, trying to
obtain enough powder to make the solution. When I managed to get about
50 g of salt, I prepared the solution and it turned out to be full of
dust and various dirt.
"Oh, what the hey - she tells me - chuck that darn salt. I'm gonna
bring one kg of table salt tomorrow."
"But it's not going to work - I say. - It's not pure enough."
"OF COURSE it's gonna be purer than this! We do EAT it, don't we?"
Apparently the difference in cost between $0.50 for a pack of table
salt and the $50 for 500 grams of Sigma salt had never caught her eye.

And then, of course, there was this day when we decided to get rid of
the old Petri cultures. You know, put the stuff into the autoclave,
turn it on, and then go do your job. Apparently the bag had a leak, and
after turning off the autoclave, we forgot about it until it was too
late and the temperature had gone down to 25°C again. Shoveling solid,
ammonia-smelling agarose out of the autoclave is not one of my funniest

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