[FUN] Dumbest lab experience?

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> Must something contribute, too:
> Once there was a time when we had a student in our lab (who does
> not?) who was very new to practical lab work. When it came that he
> had to autoclave pipet tips of his own, we saw him attaching a piece
> of steritape on the pipet tip box and painting black stripes on the
> steritape using a felt tip marker. Logical. Wasn't it?

Well, there's a lab in here in which you would really know what
means, "working on a budget". They have no steritape, so they put the
stuff into the autoclave with normal tape, and write "sterile" on the
tape when they get it out.
Aaand the guy who's sowing coffee seeds here was having troubles with
molds growing on the seeds, so he tried to autoclave a batch of plastic
petri dishes with the cotton wool and all. He still keeps the result on
his workbench. It's a nice solid block of plastic of interesting shape.
Looks like modern art, he says, and it's cheaper.
"No se Pol"
Coffee Genetist from Viva La' e Po' Bon City

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