[FUN] Dumbest lab experience?

clarosa clarosa at biocomp.unl.edu
Mon Dec 18 11:00:22 EST 2000

yesterday I was doing a western and i needed to defrost a tube of
mercaptoethanol cracking buffer.
So I loosened the tube cap (so I thought!) and placed it in a waterbath in
the microwave.    Boink!
The tube burst, spewing the stuff on the inside!... Damned.

Bonehammer wrote:

> In article <200012150939.KAA01716 at intwww.zit.med.uni-tuebingen.de>,
>   Wolfgang.Schechinger at med.uni-tuebingen.de wrote:
> > Must something contribute, too:
> >
> > Once there was a time when we had a student in our lab (who does
> > not?) who was very new to practical lab work. When it came that he
> > had to autoclave pipet tips of his own, we saw him attaching a piece
> > of steritape on the pipet tip box and painting black stripes on the
> > steritape using a felt tip marker. Logical. Wasn't it?
> Well, there's a lab in here in which you would really know what
> means, "working on a budget". They have no steritape, so they put the
> stuff into the autoclave with normal tape, and write "sterile" on the
> tape when they get it out.
> Aaand the guy who's sowing coffee seeds here was having troubles with
> molds growing on the seeds, so he tried to autoclave a batch of plastic
> petri dishes with the cotton wool and all. He still keeps the result on
> his workbench. It's a nice solid block of plastic of interesting shape.
> Looks like modern art, he says, and it's cheaper.
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