[FUN] Dumbest lab experience?

Walter Hill walterh at mead.u.washington.edu
Mon Dec 18 11:31:12 EST 2000

Maybe its because most electrophoresis gel boxes are made to be
foolproof now (not quite student-proof), that know one has told a
story where they've hooked up the electrodes backward and ran their
DNA off the gel next to the wells.  Experience shows that if you can
switch the electrodes before the DNA runs off, you can run the DNA
back through the loading wells and into the main part of the gel with
only a slight increase in band fuzziness.

Or, remember those 2.3 cm diameter (or there abouts) nitrocelluluse
filters you had to sterilize individually befor they came packed in
disposable plastic holders?  They were separated by blue paper disks
and you could always get a newbie in the lab to think that the blue
disks were actually the filters......

Or running a DNA agarose gel using water instead of buffer....

Or leaving the yellow paper on individually wrapped X-ray film when
doing and autoradiogram (it increases the exposure time with 32P by
about a factor of 2).

If we can learn from our mistakes, I must be a genius by now.....


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