[FUN] Dumbest lab experience?

Susanne Rohrer "srohrer(removethis)" at immv.unizh.ch
Mon Dec 18 11:54:56 EST 2000

> Or running a DNA agarose gel using water instead of buffer....

OR making the gel up with water. this gave my student frowning bands I
had never seen and I hadn't got a clue where they might come from - who
would even think of the possibility. He finally got it himself. Actually
he's quite talented.

> Or leaving the yellow paper on individually wrapped X-ray film when
> doing and autoradiogram

This one is hearsay. There once was a student in a neighbouring lab who
obviously got other people to do most things for her, such as developing
sequencing gels, and the first time she had to do it herself she popped
the cassette open, looked at the film, and exclaimed: but there's
nothing on the film!

Susanne - funny how most really stupid things happen to other people...

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