[FUN] Dumbest lab experience?

Matt Thomas mthomas at hsc.usf.edu
Tue Dec 19 15:18:22 EST 2000

One time our new undergrad ask me to develop a film over the weekend for
him.  When I opened up the film case he had put the carbord down instead of
film.  Being the nice guy that I am I put film down for him, but drew bands
on the cardboard and left it on his desk.  Took him a couple of minutes to
reliease what was going on and for a few minutes he was very happy with his
results until he noticed it wasn't film and the bands were blue felt tip.

I also like the time when we told this same guy he had to have "salt" in his
DNA gels to get them to work and he would have to remake it with TAE instead
of Di water.  Instead he got out some NaCl and sprinkled it on the gel and
waited for it to go in.  watied a really long time......

The thing that happend to me was started up the fuge and realizeing I didn't
screw on the lid to the rotor.  I hit the stop button so many times and kept
praying that I hadn't broken it.  Luckaly, it only got up to 200 rpm before
I figured out I messed up.  Seems minor compared to the other fuge stories
in this thread!  
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