[FUN] Dumbest lab experience?

Sean Patterson seanpat at fmed2.uncu.edu.ar
Thu Dec 21 07:54:26 EST 2000

>I was once boiling agarose in an Erlenmeyer bottle
>in a microwave oven. Problem was, I had put a glass stopper
>into the bottle... Obviously, the steam did not get
>out properly so the bottle exploded inside the microwave oven.
>Luckily, no one was in the room at the time. I heard about
>that one for a long time...

A fellow postgraduate student did the same with water in a Schott 
bottle without loosening the top. There was only one person in the 
room when it exploded (not her), but fortunately the door missed him 
on it's way to embedding itself in the wall. The remains of the 
microwave were put on show outside the cafeteria as a lesson to all.



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