[FUN] Dumbest lab experience?

Johns053 at mc.duke.edu Johns053 at mc.duke.edu
Thu Dec 21 10:56:38 EST 2000

This was back in the dark ages of molecular biology, the days of Maxam-Gilbert
sequencing, etc.  We used to make our own gamma 32P-ATP using an enzymatic
exchange reaction starting with 32P.  He did the synthesis using 10 mCi and
somehow contaminated his gloves.  When he removed his gloves, he contaminated
his hands.  As he moved about, he contaminated everything he touched, including
all the door handles on his end of the building (his lab was at the very end of
the hallway).  He even managed to contaminate the flush handle on the urinal.

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A couple of contamination stories:  A fellow graduate student once

Elaborate please...how did he manage that?



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