[FUN] Dumbest lab experience?

The Grouchybeast thegrouchybeast at hotmail.com
Thu Dec 21 12:16:16 EST 2000

Johns053 at mc.duke.edu wrote:

> A couple of contamination stories:  A fellow graduate student once end-labeled
> the building.  

A contamination story (names removed to protect the stupid):

A PhD student (and later post-doc) in a lab I worked in was notoriously
sloppy in his handling of 35S for sequencing experiments - most of the
time he didn't even wear gloves.  One day he checked his hands *after*
having left the lab and come back in.  His fingers were so hot they
nearly bent the needle on the counter.  With an expression of total
horror on his face he grabbed the counter and ran out of the lab.

It turned out that the *first* time he'd left the lab, before he checked
his hands, he'd gone to the toilet...

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