[FUN] Dumbest lab experience?

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Tue Dec 26 16:27:03 EST 2000

It happened several years ago and this story was heard time and again: One of
the graduate students  was finishing his thesis and he took the help of a
lab-technician (photography Unit) to get his experimental photos printed.
Most of his photos was to be printed on hard paper and could not find
sufficient papers in his stock.  He had to pool the requisitie number of
photogaphy paper from two or three fellow graduate students, who happened to
have those paper for their own use.  Well, this conscientious  graduate
student bought some papers the very next day and in broad day light opened
the box counted the respective number of papers, went to his colleagues bench
and handed them individually with a ' thank you' note.

Happened recently: Another graduate student who always thought he is smart
and independent, was trying to expose a southern blot.	Went to the dark room
switched on the light (not the safe one) and carefully opened the box full of
x-ray sheets and placed it on the membrane with devastating results.

I did this dumb thing ones: Used Tween-20 instead of TEMED when casting a
sequencing gel.  It was an honest mistake, because both the reagents were
from Bio-Rad, damn bottle wer of the  same size and looks sitting side by


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