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me java2k2000 at
Thu Dec 28 09:20:00 EST 2000

my contact information is as follows:
kent lavallie (BSc Biology, University of Ottawa)
email: ke8675309 at
snail mail address: 203-415 Gilmour Street
                            Ottawa On Canada
phone: 613-567-2364

I have outlined a protocol for the developement of cancer
protocol is outlined over the course of answering three take home
examination questions for an honours year course in biotechnology,
taught at
the university of Ottawa (Sept-Dec 2000). I have included the
questions and
answers as attatched files. The questions are in the file entitled
"final.rtf", and the answers are in the file entitled "
bruteForceSolutions.rtf". All the questions and answers must be read
order to develop an overall picture of the protocol. I will be
the protocol over the next few weeks and I would like any feed back or
comments. I believe that the protocol is effective...but that is just
opinion, for now.

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