using cheap digital camera to photograph gels

dkim at hector.NMSU.Edu dkim at hector.NMSU.Edu
Wed Feb 2 02:05:21 EST 2000

I have looked at the Kodak EDAS system a bit, and have briefly used the
Stratagene Eagle Eye II (very expensive) system.  The EDAS seems to be
rather cumbersome because the camera is itself designed for
recreational-type photography (e.g. pictures of the family at Disneyland,
indoor photos with flash).  

There is a 1024 x something CCD camera made by Compro that might be
suitable.  The camera itself retails at about US$150 or so, and is
designed to attach to a computer via parallel port.  If it is controlled
in a way similar to the Connectix Quick-Cam, the software should allow one
to adjust exposure time and sensitivity before acquiring the image.

This camera is also not designed with scientific image capture in mind,
but may be the most easily adapted to our needs.  I have not tried to
purchase one for myself, however.  If anyone out there tries it out, I
would really appreciate a detailed report on its efficacy.

Daniel Kim
dkim at

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