Building the $100 Thermocycler

Louis Hom lhom at OCF.Berkeley.EDU
Wed Feb 2 04:49:52 EST 2000

The recent developments surrounding the PCR patents in the US have got me
thinking about designing a low cost thermocycler that might make PCR more
accessible to labs (like high schools or undergrad labs at small schools)
that can't afford the $4000 price tag associated with most thermocyclers
out there.

I think it can be done for as little as $100-150.

My thought is to follow the open source model, in which all of the
necessary design plans and software are easy to use and free.  Under the
working title of OpenPCR, I've put together a web page describing my idea
in a little bit more detail, for those who might be interested in
exploring or helping to bring this to fruition.  It's at:


My motivation?  Just to make science more accessible and, well, to stick
it to The Man.

By the way, if anyone can think of a catchier name than OpenPCR, please
send your suggestions my way.

Lou Hom >K'93			     
lhom at 	    

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