Building the $100 Thermocycler

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Wed Feb 2 10:57:55 EST 2000

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[cheap cycler]

> Anyway why do they need a machine to do PCR? That's an expensive lazy
> option. Just use two water baths, one at 94C one at 68C, a clock and one
> student! That's how it used to be done, even by Cetus, and I'm pretty
> sure someone even sold a machine like that. There were certainly designs
> in NAR for one using I think some machine originally used for melting
> wax for sections.
> Duncan 
I know of tales in my old lab that they programmed a roboter arm (old cheap
do-it-yourself-kit) to move a (special) microtiter plate between
I have seen the robot arm myself (now defunct in an dusty storage arm), but
I do not know how well it worked.
Building this kind of thing must be great for informatics lesson - a joint
project of informatics and biology!

   Jan-Henner Wurmbach

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