using cheap digital camera to photograph gels

Oswaldo oswaldo at
Wed Feb 2 11:31:53 EST 2000

BTW, we are choosing a gel documentation system which we will purchase
soon for our lab. There is some controversy now between the future users
because most standard complete systems come with 312 nm UV light tables
and there are some users who insist that 254nm UV is much better for
ethidium bromide gels. For them, 254nm gives better sensitivity than the
standard 312nm. Because the system will be used to document gels but not
to cut $ recover bands, photodamage to DNA is not a consideration here.
There is another UV light table dedicated to cutting and playing around
with those gels.

Is there really an advantage on using 254 nm for EtBr
gel-documentation?. Should we get a double intensity table (254/312 nm)
as a compromise?. Any comment on this matter will be welcome.


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