Building the $100 Thermocycler

Wolfgang Schechinger Wolfgang.Schechinger at
Wed Feb 2 13:34:49 EST 2000

> However, I think at the very least a name change from 'OpenPCR'
> would be called for :-)  

... we should ask Linus Thorvalds for itegrating the cycling 
software into linux... 

What about a 1000 MHz hyper pentium K9-XXL (or any 
of these overcharge overload 6 dimensional-grafics cards) with a 
peltier element cooler attached to the glowing microprocessor? 
Peltier off means: heat the reaction
Peltier on means: cool the reaction.
Finally a reasonable application for those Gigaspeed home computers
(where the limiting factor sits before the screen)

Another option of course would be a software using CD-writers for 
cycling: One just would insert the reactions into a modiefied 
CD-writeable prepared for holding the eppies and then... 
The laser beam would heat AND measure the reactions simultaneously.
Imagine a 32x speed CD-PCR! Even Roche would have be respectful for 
such a device attacking their LightCycler.

That's all for today. Stay tuned!


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