Medium without phosphate

ChenHA hzhen at
Thu Feb 3 10:40:18 EST 2000

Rafael Maldonado wrote:

> My library does not have JB that old. Would you mind to send me the
> recipe? Thanks,

This is a rather long recipe:

K2HPO4   0.132 mM
MOPS      40 mM
Tricine        4  mM
NH4Cl       9.52 mM
NaCl          50  mM
Glucose        2 g
MgSO4      0.5 mM
CaCl2        0.5 uM
FeSO4      0.01 mM  (make fresh)
K2SO4     0.276 mM

Trace elements (1000X concentration) - add 1 ml:
ZnSO4    10 uM
CoCl2      30 uM
Amm. molybdate  3 uM
CuSO4   10 uM
H3BO3  400 uM
MnSO4  80 uM

The medium should be filtered sterilised.  I think you can prepared the MOPS
medium in concentrated form and stored, but you would need the paper to check it
(I'm afraid I don't have it with me).  It may be useful to try and get the paper
anyway as it has useful information about the constituents of this recipe.

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