Building the $100 Thermocycler

Tim Fitzmaurice tjf11 at
Thu Feb 3 10:44:08 EST 2000

On 2 Feb 2000, David L. Haviland wrote:

> I can't see what would be gained if Roche, hypothetically of course,
> were to legally go after a high school or "college of timbucktu" for
> making a manual or semi-manual cycler?  Doing so would be bad public

Not sure, but wouldn;t they have to defend their patent to keep it, I know
trademarks have an element of that, and I thought patents would too, to
avoid it becoming public domain. At that point they'd have to sue to be
able to demand royalties from anyone.....

Much simpler would be for them to grant extremely cheap licencing limited
to use in schools for education of pre Uni students....covers them neatly,
and gets the job done...assuming they need to to keep the patent of
course. It also requires an element of altruism, or covincing its a good
PR thing to have any science student know PCR.

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