Oligo Source

Jens Tornoe jt at neurosearch.dk
Thu Feb 3 17:39:17 EST 2000

I have had good experiences with oligos from Life Technologies. They are
cheap and postage is free. Check it out at www.lifetech.com


Jens Tornøe
Pederstrup, Denmark

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From: John Scott Meschke <scott_meschke at unc.edu>
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Sent: Wednesday, February 02, 2000 5:18 PM
Subject: Oligo Source

> Dear List-
>         We are in the process of trying to locate a new supplier of
> oligos.  Our current supplier is an on-campus core facility, which is
> convienent for small orders but too expensive for larger orders.  Our
> current source is about $1.15 USD/0.04umole, and I have seen prices
> around $0.60 USD/0.05umole. We have an immediate need for around 40
> oligos and will have a need thereafter for about 5-10 every couple of
> months.  Please email me any reccomendations, whether they be for a
> particular source, recommendations on choosing a source, or staying with
> our current source.  Thank you in advance.
> Scott

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