genomic DNA from plants?

Jose I. de las Heras Jose.delasHeras at
Fri Feb 4 11:14:44 EST 2000

ZAG wrote:
> Hi,
> I´m working with A. thaliana and have to do a lot of DNA minipreps with
> just two leaves (about 50-100 mg) of material. Can anybody recommend me
> a cheap (i. e. not based on commercial columns) and reliable prep that
> produces DNA which can be digested?
> thanks,
> Harald F. Sigmund
> hsigmund at

Have you tried the standard CTAB-extraction method? I have used it
extensively for eucalypts and wheat. I usually extracted DNA from about
1-2g leaf tissue, to obtain a lot of DNA. But you can always scale it
down and modify it to make it quite fast too... Any questions email me.


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