pBR322 primers

Joseph C. Bagshaw jbagshaw at wpi.edu
Sat Feb 5 08:00:54 EST 2000

Once upon a time New England Biolabs sold clockwise and counterclockwise
primers for several cloning sites in pBR322.  I don't think they still do,
but you should never buy primers off the shelf anyway.  If you can find an
NEB catalog from 5-10 years ago it should have the sequences, or try their
web site.  If all else fails, contact NEB directly.

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On 3 Feb 2000, (David Alexander) wrote:

> Hello All,
> I have cloned a series of inserts into the BamHI site of pBR322.
> (I needed a lacZ(-) background so the 'standard' pUC, pBluescript 
> etc. vectors weren't appropriate) 
> Cloning destroyed the BamHI site, so I am stuck in pBR322.
> I need to sequence the inserts, but don't have a tried and true 
> primer. There are a plethora of methods for designing primers,
> but what looks good on paper doesn't always work in the tube.
> So, if you have successfully sequenced from pBR322, could you please 
> share the sequence of any primers that worked. Ideally I need one for 
> each side of the BamHI site (which is in the 5' end of the Tc-R gene) 
> Thanks in advance.
> David
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