Fix DNA in agarose gels?

rashie athukorala rashie at
Sat Feb 5 10:07:49 EST 2000

I'm not sure of the instrument you plan on using, but with a Molecular 
Dynamics Fluorimager 595 (no affiliation)scanning a 2% agarose gel stained 
with Sybr Green I, it is not necessary to either fix or dry the gel.  As a 
matter of fact, I've stained overnight (as opposed to the recommended 40 
minutes) and seen no significant diffusion of bands.

At 06:37 AM 2/5/00 , you wrote:

>Tracy Jo Litzi schrieb:
> > You can dry the gel on a "gel dryer" like they use for certain protein
> > gels.  Thinner gels are best.
> >
>Bes, but dried agarose gels are turbid, I don't think you can do a laser
>scan with it afterwards.


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