'real-time PCR': which machine to buy??

Guido Hooiveld g.j.e.j.hooiveld at farm.rug.nl
Sat Feb 5 10:25:06 EST 2000


Our lab is thinking of buying a real-time quantitative PCR machine. We 
therefore would like to know about experiences, pitfalls, (mal)functions, 
manufacturer's feed-back/support, and of course prices/availability of 
probes/enzymes. In other words, which system/machine do you (the experienced 
user) recommend? We will have to choose between the ABI Prism (PE 
Biosystems) or the LightCycler (Roche).

Any input will be very appreciated. 
Please post here or send an e-mail directly to: 
g.j.e.j.hooiveld at farm.rug.nl 

Thanks in advance!

Guido Hooiveld
University of Groningen
The Netherlands

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