RACE and Clonetech

Peter Ashby p.r.ashby at dundee.MAPS.ac.uk
Sat Feb 5 12:45:04 EST 2000

I'm currently using Lifetech's 5 prime RACE system, it seemed to me when I
was looking, more logical and robust than the Clontech systems, and a lot
cheaper. In addition if you buy (or make) the 3 prime adapter primer, then
the 5prime kit becomes a 3prime kit as well.

I have made the 5 prime part work, the reason I don't have the end yet has
more to do with my gene than the kit, but I have made progress and the
tailing works well assesed by sequencing. I haven't got the 3 prime end
yet due to low specificity but pcr tells me my gene is there, I just have
to design a screen for it.

Peter, No affiliation with Lifetech.

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sbcohen at scripps.edu (Steve Cohen) wrote:

> Hi,
> I am looking for any feedback on methods for attempting RACE, especially
> the Marathon kit from Clontech. Ideas on other commercially available kits
> and methods would also be helpful.
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Peter Ashby
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