Radiolabel Mol. Wt. Marker

Arnoud van Vliet avvliet at
Sun Feb 6 16:14:21 EST 2000


Do endlabelling or filling in, depending on which marker you are using. I
wouldn't advise random labelling, as after denaturing and labelling not all
the right length fragments will be made by the random priming. If you have a
5' sticky end (HindIII/EcoRI), then filling in is easier and more efficient
than end-labelling. Endlabelling also requires gamma 32P-ATP, which often
has to be bought specially for this purpose.

hope this helps

Tracy Jo Litzi <tjlitzi at> wrote in message
news:389B5ACE.A7245BDE at
> Hello everyone.  My question is: Can I radiolabel a molecular weight
> marker with P32 the same way I label my probes (random)?  I have
> labelled marker in the past but no longer remember if there was
> something special about the way I did it or if certain markers are
> better.  Thank you.
> Tracy

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