Ni affinity columns, preparation, use and recharging of

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Sun Feb 6 16:11:03 EST 2000

Dear Wolfgang,

go to and get the QiaExpressionist Manual, or to the site and get their pTrcHis and Ni-agarose manual. Lots of
info and references to be found.

No affiliations with either.

hope this helps

"Wolfgang Schechinger" <Wolfgang.Schechinger at> wrote in
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> Hi all,
> I'd like to learn ALL about Ni affinity columns.
> Especially I'm looking for protocols, references and pointers to
> websites.
> I'd like to know
> - how one may prepare colums (starting from agarose)
> - the conditions for binding and elution of His6 tagged proteins
> - how to clean and regenerate the resin
> If someone who has some informations at hands could contribute them,
> this would be fine.
> Thanks for all input,
> Wolfgang
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> University of Tuebingen, Germany
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