How to reduce the viscosity of Nuclear extractions??

Colin Rasmussen colin at
Mon Feb 7 10:08:33 EST 2000

"G. Dellaire, Ph.D." wrote:

> Hello,
> Does anyone out there have a good method for reducing the viscosity of
> nuclear extracts (mammalian) after high salt extraction?  I am having
> trouble loading these extracts on SDS-PAGE gels as they are so bloody
> viscous.  I have found that using a sonicator (barrel/tip) is not
> practical if you have dozens of samples or if you have very small
> volumes (under 100 ul to 30 uls typically).  The resulting foam eats up
> most of your sample.
> I have heard about using a sonicating water bath, has anyone used one of
> these for this use?
> any and all tips/replies are welcome.

Shearing with a 22G needle for finer is what I used to do to break up
genomic DNA.


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