'real-time PCR': which machine to buy??

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Guido Hooiveld wrote in message <87hfci$igi$1 at info.service.rug.nl>...
>Our lab is thinking of buying a real-time quantitative PCR machine. We
>therefore would like to know about experiences, pitfalls, (mal)functions,
>manufacturer's feed-back/support, and of course prices/availability of
>probes/enzymes. In other words, which system/machine do you (the
>user) recommend? We will have to choose between the ABI Prism (PE
>Biosystems) or the LightCycler (Roche).
>Any input will be very appreciated.
>Please post here or send an e-mail directly to:
>g.j.e.j.hooiveld at farm.rug.nl
>Thanks in advance!
>Guido Hooiveld
>University of Groningen
>The Netherlands


I would say it depends on what you are looking for in the instrument.

If you are doing screening by PCR using a lot of samples (hundreds a week)
then IMHO the 7700 is the way to go, esspecially with associated automated
prep equipment.

If you are using it as a research machine with limited sample # demands then
the light cycler is certainly more versitable IMHO.  The software allows you
to do much, much more than the relatively closed interface on the 7700 (look
at melting-temp profiles, etc).  The only "down-side" is the pain of loading
the cappilaries.  I have heard that they are working on automation for this
process (if anyone knows anything about this, then please post here).


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