cDNA synthesis and linear amplification!

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>You could use Superscript from Lifetech. It lacks RnaseH activity. I works
>at 55 degree.

Just in case people are not aware of tradenames etc.

Superscript is MMuLV RT but in various flavours.

Superscript is an RNaseH minus derivative of MMuLV RT produced by
deletion of the RNaseH domain.

Superscript II is also an RNaseH minus derivative of MMuLV RT but
produced by a point mutation in the RNaseH domain. The protein is
therefore larger (i.e. same as wt MMuLV RT) than straight Superscript.

Of course patents are involved (yet again!) with Life Technologies
having them and challenged by Clontech. However before Xmas the US PTO
ruled in favour of Clontech and said that the patent claims were
unenforceable. Therefore you can now buy RNaseH minus MMuLV RT from
umpteen sources.

The problem with being on the cutting edge is that you occasionally get 
sliced from time to time....

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