building the $100 thermocycler

Weining, Song WeininS at
Tue Feb 8 05:17:06 EST 2000

>Of course the other way and even simpler is to use a halogen lamp to 
>heat a lightweight block and just use air to coll. This was one of the 
>first PCR machines produced and eventually sold by I think Hybaid. It 
>used to work very well. 

If my memory serves me right, the first model was called Intelligent Heating
Block (Yes, from Hybaid)accommodating 1.5ml tubes. The second generation
with really fast heat/cooling was called Thermal Reactor. I believe that the
Thermal reactor is faster than any other block machines, including the
latest. There was something called combi(?) in between for both tubes and
However, "block" could be misleading. The tube holding block in Hybaid
appears just a thin aluminium plate although I never take their machine
apart to have a close look.
Any people from Hybaid to verify the above?
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