'real-time PCR': which machine to buy??

Robert Hartley rh at mblab.gla.ac.uk
Tue Feb 8 05:31:34 EST 2000

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> If you are using it as a research machine with limited sample # demands then
> the light cycler is certainly more versitable IMHO.  The software allows you
> to do much, much more than the relatively closed interface on the 7700 (look
> at melting-temp profiles, etc).  The only "down-side" is the pain of loading
> the cappilaries.  I have heard that they are working on automation for this
> process (if anyone knows anything about this, then please post here).

The cappilaries are no hastle at all. I use a RapidCycler from Idaho
technologies and if the Roche machine uses the same mounting then you can
set up a reaction in a 96 well microtitre plate (elisa plate) and draw up
8 to 16 at a time and seal with the flame thrower.
Optoimising is easy. It hasn't got a gradient but cf. 15min PCRx5 with 2
hour PCR.

One thing to note about the gas sealer is:- Every Tech/Phd stud/ Postdoc
who is male like me will automatically degenerate into a 6 year old and
play with the flamer with a big grinon his face. :-)

> JeffF

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