Mycoplasm help

Gary gkrause at
Tue Feb 8 09:24:49 EST 2000

"Dr. Fernando Rodriguez-Pascual" <frodrigu at> wrote in
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> Hi,
> I am currently working with a human colon carcinoma cell line (DLD-1)
> and in the last weeks I having problems with them and I suspect they can
> have mycoplasm contamination. In particular, the cells do not grow,
> many  are full of vacuoles and after a while most of them die. How can I
> be sure that this is a mycoplasm contamination? Is there any easy method
> to check it? If they are in fact contaminated, what kind of treatment
> can I use to get rid of it? Among the problematic cells there are also
> some stably transfected clones that I want to keep growing and healthy
> (if possible)...
> Thank you
> Fernando

There are several kits on the market that will detect mycoplasma
contamination.  Some are even PCR based.  Getting rid of the mycoplasma can
be extremely difficult since they are intracellular organisms.  You might
look into using ciprofloxin (Cipro).


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