a yeast two-hybrid system with C-terminal fusion proteins?

Rafael Maldonado rmaldonado at ua.es
Tue Feb 8 10:16:59 EST 2000

Tim Söllick wrote:
> Does anybody know about a yeast two-hybrid system that employs
> C-terminal fusion of the GAL4 DNA binding domain and the GAL4 activation
> domain (not as usual: N-terminal fusions of this domain to the protein
> of your interest)?
> Any references? Any vectors?
> Any idea?

Yes, there is a set of vectors like that. I think there are no
references, but I could get them from the lab where they were made. If
you are interested, I may look their address for you.


Rafael Maldonado
Divison of Genetics
University of Alicante (Spain)

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