quantitizing DNA from gel-electrophoresis

Rob Kirkpatrick kirkpat at cc.umanitoba.ca
Tue Feb 8 12:44:04 EST 2000

aloiv wrote:

> Dear NGers,
> I 'm a college student and just started learning molecular biology lab
> technics. Today I did some DNA gel-electrophoresis and after staining
> the gel with EtBr, photographed the gel under UV light. Is there any
> method for approximately quantitizing the DNA in the bands appeared in
> the photo by comparing with marker bands?  Sorry, this sounds so
> obscure --  some people in the lab seemed to be talking about this.
> Thanks in advance
> aloiv

You can scan the gel using some sort or imager but you can also use
molecular mass DNA ladder.  Of course you can also just eyeball it and
make an educated guess - it becomes easier after a lot of practice.  If
you use the last option, run a gel where you load a range of known
quantities of DNA (say digested lambda DNA or something that has been
accurately spec'd) then keep the picture handy when you try to guesstimate
unknown samples.

Good luck,


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