can I make my own poly dT primer

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>> >May I ask a question here? It might appear too simple
>> >but I am having problem of solving it.
>> >When I do RT-PCR, I use SuperscriptII and aslo their
>> >poly dT primer.
>> >Can I make my own poly dT primer,
>> Not a problem, just place an order with your local DNA
>> company.
>Exactly Duncan.
>Folk in this lab used to buy off the shelf.
>so I enquired:-)
>Life tech have dT18 FS @ 55pounds for 25microgramme
>Their custom synth folk can make you 2X that for 25pounds
desalted. I
>asked what was the difference and they say nothing it is only
for quality
>I asked if the quality was any less and they said it ws the
>Also MWG would do it for 10 pounds.

I agree. The same also goes for sequencing primers (T3, T7, m13,
etc.). You can get them custom made more cheaply than ordering
them by the catalog.

Hmmm... I wonder if it's also true for random hexamers?

Nick Theodorakis

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