Autoclaving glycerol for e'competent cells and other ?s

John Dixon jpcd100 at
Tue Feb 8 13:32:26 EST 2000

Hi all, I notice in the FAQ that it is recommended that the 10%
glycerol solutions used in the washes of electrocompetent cells, are
prepared fresh, and not autoclaved or even filter sterilized. 

Can someone explain what might happen to the glycerol during
autoclaving and/or what problems filter sterilizing is likely to cause?
Does it really cause problems?



P.S. I also notice that storing cuvettes prior to reuse in the presence
of moisture is to be avoided. I have regularly been storing mine in 70%
ethanol for weeks, without any noticeable downstream problems. Whats
the story with the moisture then? And what does an "unsafe" cuvette do:
perform erratically, arc, blow up or what? Ta for any info, JD

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