RNase decontaminating soultion.

Kajetan H. Groicher Kajetan-Groicher at ouhsc.edu
Tue Feb 8 20:05:08 EST 2000

Hey all-

I'm wondering if anybody has a 'in-house' recipe for an RNase inactivating
solution.  I have in the past used RNase away or similar products for
decontaminating tip boxes and gel units etc of RNases.  A common protocol
source recommends treating gel boxes with NaOH before use to remove
contaminating RNases.  The bottle of RNase away indicates that it is an
alkaline solution, and it seems to foam a bit.  So I got to thinking....am I
really paying money for a NaOH-SDS solution that I can make my self for
cheap, or is there more to it?

Not a real urgent or pressing issue, but thought someone may have some


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