dissolving biotinylated oligo

Frank O. Fackelmayer Frank.Fackelmayer at uni-konstanz.de
Wed Feb 9 09:20:04 EST 2000

Hi all,
I got a quite trivial problem and hope someone has an idea. I have
ordered a synthetic oligonucleotide, a GC-rich 12mer with 3´ biotin.
What I received was 14.3 OD of lyophilized (yellowish) material that
does not dissolve well. I first tried dissolving in water at 250pmol/ul,
which did not work. I then doubled the volume, but there was still quite
a lot of undissolved material even after heating to 70 degrees. So I
added DMSO to 20% final concentration, but still.... I ordered the oligo
in a quite high quality, HPSF, and I haven´t had any problems with the
primers made by this company. So I think the problem is the 3´ biotin,
or the GC-richness. The sequence is 5´GGGCGGCGACCT-biotin.

Any suggestions?


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