another question on DNA-quatitizing

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Wed Feb 9 18:51:10 EST 2000

something else to keep in mind with respect to the point about fluorescing 
with equal intensity is fact that the 100 bp band, since it has travelled a 
longer distance in the gel, would be more diffuse than the 3000 bp 
band.  one would then have to think in terms of a dilution series to build 
a saturation curve from which you can quantify your unknowns.

At 03:11 AM 2/9/00 , you wrote:
>In article <87qovg$lef$1 at>, aloiv at wrote:
> > will all of the ladder
> > bands fluoresce in equal intensity (after EtBr staning and UV
> > illumination) -- for example, 100bp band and 3000bp band with equal
> > brightness?
>To be absolutely clear, here;
>If you have the same number of molecules of a 100 bp fragment as a 3000
>bp fragment, then you will get more fluorescence from the larger band.
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